The Remotiest Workflow

Justine Arreche & Lisa Passing

What do we even mean by that?

Our remote processes through timezones
& beyond


Remote workflows are best practices
for all types of teams*

*So everyone can learn something


But first let us introduce ourselves


The Designer ™


The Developer ™

and we build ...

This is Travis now

Justine went to Australia

The problem was that we didn't have
our remote infrastructure in place yet


we had to make it work

Identify the problems and

Remote Communication

We identified the problems we encountered

  • No timezone overlap
  • Non-transparent design workflow

We needed async
feedback loops

  • Layervault
  • Pixelapse
  • Invision

We needed async
feedback loops

  • Layervault
  • Pixelapse
  • Invision

We needed async
feedback loops

  • Layervault
  • Pixelapse
  • Invision

We needed async
feedback loops

  • Layervault
  • Pixelapse
  • Invision

Then Justine moved to Ohio

So we checked our tools and workflows again

Now with more overlap!

  • Slack
  • GitHub
  • Invision
  • Video chats

Bonus round


syncing up working hours for more overlap

Pro Tips TM

  • Write down everything!important
  • Be clear about communication expectations
  • Store information in easy to find places
  • It's a team effort, communicate that

Ask yourself

  • Do you have to be online/ in the office for people to ask you things?
  • Do miss information that other people seem to 'just know'?

Cultural Differences


Culture is a broad term

Distinguish between culture and personality

Here are some things we noticed that
might seem obvious but can prevent misunderstanding

enthusiastic Americans


reserved Germans


American politeness


German directness


frequent feedback


feedback only if necessary



English is our company language

but not everyone is a native English speaker.

Native speakers speak faster and
have a broad vocabulary

Non-native speakers might need
longer to take in input and
may misunderstand or misuse words

This can have great impact on
real time feedback channels
like instant messaging or video chat

Give people time to think of feedback

Watch your own usage of words and be
understanding of strange phrasing

Pro Tips TM

  • be aware of cultural differences
  • be aware of specific ways of communication entailed by native languages

Ask yourself

  • Do you provide feedback channels for different communication types?
  • Have you asked managers/ coworkers how they would like to receive feedback?

Designers & Developer

This worked for us

  • Have base understanding/ work ethic
  • Have a culture of learning and teaching

Base understanding

Trust that the other has reasons for their decisions

Have respect for the other's work

Establish open an honest line of communication

Culture of learning and teaching

We're experts in our fields and juniors in others

If you get asked a something, take time to answer it

Explain without judgement and without using jargon words

"Always assume no knowledge
and infinite intelligence"

~ Unknown

Teach a topic in depth if wanted, but don't force learning

Designers don't have to learn to code

Developers don't have to learn to design

As long as we are able to communicate what is needed

We are the most productive when
we do what we want to do and
learn what we want to learn

Pro Tips TM

  • Respect for fields of work that
    are not your own
  • Learn and exercise empathy
  • Keep an open mind

Ask yourself

  • Are you honest to yourself about your work attitude?
  • How much value do you credit work from other departments?
  • Do you have space to grow and learn?

Recap time!

  • Remote Communication
  • Cultural Differences
  • Designers & Developers

This talk is based on our specific experiences.

You probably have different opinions
on some aspects but that's ok.

We're all different and awesome.

Think about remote work and how it can improve your team

So, done, right?

Thank you!

Enjoy Hybrid Conf and Berlin